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Model of the complex organisation system used for all organisation optimisation exercises

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Responsibilities of a Decision Centre

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Example of functional inefficiencies in an organisation

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Business Transformation Science
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A Philosophy for Digital Transformation

Digital transformation has become the buzzword used by organisations wishing to improve their performance and their prosperity by implementing the latest technologies. However, if not approached correctly, digital transformation can be intrusive and disruptive, destabilising operations and degrading performance. 


This article proposes a philosophy for digital transformation that can assist with the planning and execution of a successful digital transformation. 

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Organisations' need for Decision Centres

Organisations need to be agile to ensure sustainability in the complex environments they operate in. Such agility can only be achieved by the creation of "Decision Centres" where changes can be modelled and reviewed for their impact on the organisation as a whole.

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Infographic: Sustainability in the Digital Economy

Infographic demonstrates the new Customer Value Proposition types as well as the requirements to achieve an "Agile" Organisation

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